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Rotary’s programs for students and youth can change the lives of those who participate. Through these programs, young people can earn scholarships, travel on cultural exchanges, or help a community through a service project.

New Generations Programs
Ages 12-30, can get involved in Rotary’s New Generations programs which include:

Youth Exchange




Educational programs
Rotary Foundation Educational Programs promote international understanding by bringing together people from different countries and cultures.

Rotary has a long tradition of fostering peace and international understanding through education.

Since 1947, Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships have given more than 41,000 men and women the opportunity to study abroad. Although the program will come to an end in 2013, new scholarship opportunities through the Foundation’s district and global grants will give Rotarians greater flexibility to sponsor scholars.

Rotary Peace Centers offer a master’s degree in international relations, sustainable development, peace studies, and conflict resolution, or a professional development certificate in peace and conflict studies

Ambassadorial Scholarships

Rotary Peace Centers

Each year, thousands of young men and women participate in Rotary’s educational and New Generations programs, which enable them to develop new skills, serve their communities, and foster international understanding. But the experience doesn’t have to end when the program is over.

As alumni, they are part of an extended network of people who share a common bond. They’ll always belong to the family of Rotary. Keep them involved with the ideas and resources in Rotarians and alumni

Rotarians and Alumni

Reconnections Newsletter

Rotary Peace Centers students

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